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Focused Technical Projects

ROS is already of great value and almost immediate applicability for service robotics: in fact, the overwhelming majority of today’s service robots run on ROS. ROS-Industrial aims to transfer this value and the ease of application to industry, by developing new components, improving existing ones, but also by performing non-development work such as compiling usage and development guidelines or performing license audits.
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The bigger the ROS-Industrial community and the higher its engagement in actively using and further developing it, the more business-relevant and hence successful the platform will be. For this reason, a considerable part of ROSIN’s budget (3+ Million EUR) is reserved for co-financing Focused Technical Projects (FTPs): you identify what you need to develop for your ROS application and outline a technically sound plan to achieve it. If successfully evaluated, you receive up to 33% of the total cost to perform the work, provided that you commit to sustain the remaining costs.